Hi, my name is Andrea, I’m from Canada and I…


This is my first year at Gleeschool, but I’ve spent quite some time teaching/working with kids and come from a family of educators. I spent the past year working in the académie de Toulouse in the southwest of France teaching English in public schools. In university, I taught French to elementary students for an afterschool […]


Hi, my name is Hannah Boukobza. I was born in the US, and have been in France since fall of 2022. I have a Masters in Piano (pedagogy track) and am also a yoga teacher who specializes in musicians’ health. I’m looking forward to applying my experience in these other disciplines to the teaching of […]


Hello! My name is Jackeine Ly, I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. I obtained my Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Science in Accounting from Texas A&M University. I did corporate finance accounting for 6 years. I moved to France in 2020 and love this beautiful country. I am so excited to be joining Gleeschool […]


Hi, My name’s Lizette. I was born in Richmond Upon Thames in England. My family is from Gibraltar where I spent a lot of my childhood. I studied Art in Kingston and then went into Offshore Banking back in Gibraltar where I studied in the ICC. When I moved to France with my husband in […]


Hi, I’m Pauline! I’m a French native speaker who works as a French as a foreign language teacher. I graduated from university Paris Descartes more than 2 years ago. I taught French and now I’m teaching English at Gleeschool. I lived in New Zealand for a while where I worked for a bilingual school. Before […]


Hi ! My name is Mary, I am French but have loved English ever since I was little. What drew me the most to english was art : I love music, writing, cinema, and I’ve always found it easier to create in english. I’ve become interested in teaching through my years in high school where […]


My name is Sandra Ohlsson and I am Swedish. I have been teaching for 2 years and my general teaching style is that I try to include as many verbal games as possible in order to get my students used to speaking English in a fun and easy way. I will unfortunately not be available […]